Where Do I Begin?

KMC Georgia Classes

Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia offers many kinds of ongoing classes, class series and one-time events throughout Georgia and Alabama, suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome. The format of each class varies depending on the topic. But in general our teachers...

  • Offer guidance on how to meditate,
  • Lead a brief meditation session,
  • Answer any questions you may have on your meditation experience, and
  • Give practical instructions on how to apply your new meditation skills to your daily life, to help manage all kinds of life's challenges.

Most classes run for an hour and fifteen minutes.  There is no physical exercise or special clothing involved. Come dressed however is comfortable for you. You do not need to be a Buddhist to attend and to derive great benefit. They are perfectly suitable for individuals of all backgrounds.

The meditation practices we apply are very time-honored and authentic. Here is a video of a Kadampa Teacher explaining the many benefits of meditation. To get a feel for the practice itself, you can also view general guidance on how to meditate here.

How can I start?

Easy! KMC Georgia offers three levels of classes...

  1. General Program Classes: These classes are the ideal starting point for anyone new to the Kadampa Buddhist Tradition. KMC Georgia offers many classes for all levels of interest - from beginners to advanced meditators. Click here to learn more about General Program classes and how to begin. These are generally drop-in classes, which means that you can register online or just stop by and register at the door. However if you are enjoying the classes , you may wish to become a monthly member. For more information on how to become a supporting member, please contact us (phone or email) or ask at the front desk.
  2. Foundation Program Classes: Some people like to jump right into the Foundation Study Program once they have some experience with our General Program classes. The Foundation Program guides you on a more in-depth spiritual path. Click here to learn more about the Foundation Program.
  3. Teacher Training Program: Some people like to engage in extensive study, going even deeper in their practice and engaging in qualified meditation retreats. It also provides extensive training for those who wish to actually teach the more advanced classes to others.  You can learn more about the Teacher Training Program here.

If you are new to meditation or Buddha's teachings, then the General Program would be the right place to start. Find a class that works best for you on the Find A Class menu on the left of this page or on our Events Calendar.

What Else...

Here are a few other things you may want to look at to get to know us better...

  • About Us: Learn about our teachers, our Meditation Center and Kadampa Buddhism.
  • Events: Read about local special events and about national and international Kadampa Buddhism events and festivals around the U.S. and the world.
  • Calendar: See the full schedule of classes and special events in Atlanta and the Southeast.

If you would like more information, please don't hesitate at (678) 453-6753 or at info@meditationingeorgia.org. We look forward to seeing you soon.