Our Resident Teacher

Gen Mondrub is an American Buddhist Monk and the Resident Teacher of KMC Georgia.

He has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and the Resident Teacher in Atlanta for many years. He has just recently returned from a 2 year retreat.

It is our experience that anyone who puts these “delight-filled” teachings and meditations into practice naturally experiences greater and greater inner peace, refuge, happiness throughout their lives and more and more harmony in their relationships. We believe this is the real meaning of life and makes an authentic contribution to a better world. We uniquely design our classes for busy, modern people leading busy, modern lives…this is modern buddhism! We can even show you how to take the most difficult situations, habits, and hardships and transform them into quickening your path of spiritual freedom (we modern people like things quick! ). In this way we can fulfill our deepest wishes and be an inspiring example for others.